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The Lansdowne Hotel Has Been Saved with the Oxford Art Factory Team Taking Over the Reins

The OAF team are keeping the Chippendale favourite as a live music venue — and throwing a free 12-hour party in June to celebrate.

The Lansdowne Hotel‘s storied history is set for another chapter, with the team over at the Oxford Art Factory announcing that it has agreed to take over the reins. The OAF crew revealed it has reached an agreement with the beloved venue’s owners, putting a halt to plans that would have seen the Chippendale spot close down.

Back in February, longtime custodians Mary’s announced they would be stepping away from the beloved pub and live music venue, following news that the owners were turning the upstairs live music space into hostel accommodation. The announcement stated that live music would cease at the venue in April; however, gigs have continued through May, sparking speculation that the venue could be saved.

Oxford Art Factory CEO and Founder Mark Gerber has now confirmed that the OAF team will be stepping in to take over the venue. “Oxford Art Factory can confirm the rumours. We are pleased to announce that we have agreed with the owners to put aside any plans that could see the demise of this iconic venue of Sydney and Australia’s live music and arts scene,” the OAF crew said in a statement.

The Lansdowne has stood proudly on the corner of Broadway and City Road for decades, acting as a breeding ground for local up-and-coming bands from the 80s and 90s through till today. After closing in 2015it was revitalised two years later by Jake Smyth and Kenny Graham of Mary’s.

Gerber and co also revealed that renovations on the venue have started, with plans to give the pub a makeover complete with improved ammenities, bathrooms and audio-visual systems, alongside new food and drink offerings.

“Music and art can never die. They make us stronger and live longer!” said Gerber. “Sydney doesn’t need to lose any more live music venues; it has suffered enough. The lockout laws and COVID-19 have severely impacted a once flourishing and vibrant nightlife, and I wasn’t going to let yet another music venue fall by the wayside — not on my watch!”

To celebrate the good news, The Lansdowne will play host to a free Rejuve(nation) party on Saturday, June 25. The gig will run for 12 hours from 5pm–5am, and will feature a lineup of local favourite bands and DJs. You can expect more details be announced soon.

The Lansdowne Hotel is located at 2–6 City Road, Chippendale.